Nelson v. Nelson & The Unappealable JPI

In Nelson, the Nevada Court of Appeals recently took the opportunity to clarify the unique procedural position of the standard joint preliminary injunction (“JPI”) issued at the request of either party at the beginning of divorce actions in Clark County, Nevada. See generally, EDCR 5.517. Grants and denials of preliminary injunctions are known to lawyersContinue reading “Nelson v. Nelson & The Unappealable JPI”

Custody & COVID-19

Figure 1 – A mother following recommended guidelines with her children. Ever since March of this year, custodial parents have been using the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to deny noncustodial parents their visitation or joint custodial rights. From the outset, courts have refused to be persuaded by such excuses, and now they have begunContinue reading “Custody & COVID-19”

The Most Important Thing in the Universe

Among lawyers, family law is often derided as a low status field. Family law attorneys take the low status cases big firms will not bother with. The “clients are crazy” and overly emotional. How can Walmart blithely endure losing millions while a divorcing parent has furious anger over a late dropoff? How can an attorneyContinue reading “The Most Important Thing in the Universe”