The Most Important Thing in the Universe

Among lawyers, family law is often derided as a low status field.

Family law attorneys take the low status cases big firms will not bother with. The “clients are crazy” and overly emotional. How can Walmart blithely endure losing millions while a divorcing parent has furious anger over a late dropoff? How can an attorney defend a literal rapist in criminal court and then express sanctimonious outrage over adultery that afternoon at family court? I know a number of attorneys (the majority, actually) who simply cannot endure the emotional intensity of child custody disputes. They cannot empathize with their clients’ perspective that they are fighting for the most important thing in the world.

Figure 1 – The Milky Way Galaxy as Observed from Earth.

I view things differently though. Everything is relative, and children are the most important thing in the universe to their parents. Our galaxy, The Milky Way, is one hundred thousand lightyears across. To put that in perspective, anatomically modern humans only evolved fifty thousand years ago. The first human beings looked up at the galaxy from the plains of Africa, and the light photons that reflected off their face began travelling across our galaxy at the speed of light. Today, those light particles have only made it halfway across our galaxy. The Milky Way, with its hundred billion stars, is just one of 200 trillion galaxies estimated to have formed in our universe since the Big Bang. The universe is full of wonders we cannot comprehend. There are exploding stars wiping out planets with intelligent life, supermassive black holes consuming stars and worlds, and giant clouds of interstellar gas which are thousands of times the size of our own solar system. None of that matters to my clients as much as the look in their child’s eyes when they teach them to ride a bike for the first time.

Figure 2 – The Most Important Thing in the Universe.

The most important thing in the universe to my clients is their children. Accordingly, my view is that I have dedicated my life to fighting for the most important thing in the universe.

  • John R. Holiday, Esq.

Published by johnrholiday

John Holiday is the owner of the John Holiday Law Firm where he focuses his practice on the areas of child custody, child support, and domestic violence. John has been practicing in Nevada since 2013. Prior to becoming an attorney, John served two tours in Iraq with the United States Marine Corps and taught world history at Rancho High School in Las Vegas, Nevada. John speaks Spanish and Portuguese fluently and is available to consult with clients in those languages.

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